Maintaining dental health and preventing your teeth from any damage is the key to living healthy. However, you may not notice but sometimes you keep on developing some serious teeth and gum disorders. These disorders will become visible when reaching their peaks and become hard to control or cure. You need to visit a general dentist on a regular basis. It’s not a difficult task to find a general dentist as approximately 80% of all dentists practices general dentistry.

You can book an appointment with any general dentist for checking and maintenance of your teeth. Wait, what! You don’t know what a general dentist does during a routine checkup. Don’t worry, we will tell you everything related to this dentistry. Let’s have a look at the responsibilities of a general dentist so you know what treatment or services you will get after booking an appointment with a general dentist.

General Dentist’s Responsibilities

We can classify a general dentist’s responsibilities into three main categories. These categories are given below.

  • Restorative Procedures
  • Maxillofacial Procedures
  • Laser Procedures

Let’s have a deep insight into the services that must be provided by your general dentist.

Complete Oral Checkup

The first thing that is included in general and family dentistry is the complete oral checkup. Your dentist will look inside your teeth and observe if they are getting damaged from some corner or at risk of getting damaged. It will help the dentist to control several infections at the early stages.

Early Diagnosis of Infections and Other Disorders

It is probably the most important thing that general dentists have to do. Your whole oral health will depend upon the diagnosis. When you visit dentists and they examine your teeth and overall oral condition, they need to pre-diagnose any dental disorder. Early diagnosis of infections will help to stop them from the start and prevent you from getting serious dental issues.

Similarly, symptoms of oral cancer will not be very visible at the start. However, your dentist must be able to recognize it at the early stages. It is very important to do so as cancer can be controlled at early stages. Once it gets established, dentists have to remove the entire cancerous part to stop it from growing further.


Sometimes your tooth will decay and become hollow inside. This will be painful and food particles will stick to it. This will make things even worse. The dentist will observe, clean, and then fill the hollow part of your teeth with resin or ceramic material.

Root Canals

Fixing dental roots is one of the common dental procedures. Sometimes tissues around your teeth’ roots and inside them get damaged. Nerves present there will also become highly sensitive and it will become hard for you to eat or drink something. A dentist will fix it by removing damaged tissues and replacing them with some resin material ceramic filling.


X-Rays of different parts of your teeth are necessary to find if anything is serious regarding your teeth. General dentists will do X-rays of your teeth to check if everything is OK. These X-rays are included in your regular dental checkups.


Adjusting crowns on dental implants is also the responsibility of your general dentist. Though fixing them is a nonsurgical process and doesn’t require a lot of time, you cannot do it by yourself. Therefore you need your dentist to do it for you. Newly adjusted crowns must not be damaged.

Dental Surgeries

Several types of surgical processes can also be performed by general dentists. Though it is suggested to get dental surgery from a dental surgeon only, general dentists are highly skilled in this case. They have performed surgeries during general dentist practice. Tooth extractions, removal of wisdom teeth, dental implants, etc. are some common dental surgeries that can be done by your dentist.

Final Words

Whenever you hire a general dentist in Seattle, make sure he/she is capable of providing all these services. Ask your dentists to perform all necessary tests including X-rays during regular checkups. It is necessary to do so as it will help your dentists to pre-diagnose any serious disorder. You can contact us to get the perfect dental services in Seattle.










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