Root Canal Treatment in Seattle

Your dentist may ask you to get a root canal treatment if the tooth’s pulp becomes damaged due to an untreated cavity, chip, or crack, multiple dental procedures on the same tooth, or an injury/trauma. Signs of the damaged pulp include toothache and swollen gums and a sensation of heat in them. To diagnose a damaged pulp, the dentist will conduct an x-ray of your tooth.

What is a Root Canal?

Also called root canal therapy, the dentist removes the pulp — the soft centre — from your tooth during this procedure. The pulp consists of nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue that allow the tooth to grow. Typically, a general dentist or endodontist performs the procedure. The dentist will recommend it when the pulp has become injured, inflamed, or infected. Even without the pulp, the crown — the visible part of the tooth — remains intact. In fact, the procedure is the best way to preserve the structure of your natural tooth.

The Procedure

Following are root canal treatment steps:

  • The dentist will apply a numbing medication to the gums, followed by a local anaesthetic. You will stay awake but feel no pain due to these steps
  • Once your tooth is numb, the dentist will make a small opening on the tooth’s top and expose the pulp. Using special tools called files, they will remove the pulp. The dentist will ensure that all canals are cleared properly
  • After removing the pulp, the dentist will coat the area with a topical antibiotic to resolve the infection and prevent it from coming back. Using a sealer paste and gutta-percha (a rubber-like material), the doctor will fill and seal the tooth. It is possible that the dentist also prescribes oral antibiotics
  • At the end of the root canal procedure, the dentist will fill the small opening in the tooth with a soft and temporary material. The purpose is to prevent the saliva from damaging the canals
  • You will be asked for a follow-up visit during which the dentist will conduct an x-ray to confirm that the infection is gone. The dentist will then place a permanent filling in place of the temporary one or fit a crown

How long does it take for a Root Canal Treatment?

A single root canal treatment can generally last between 30 and 60 minutes. Some complicated cases can take more time. Of course, you will have to visit for your follow-up appointments as well.

Recovery from Root Canal

Once the numbing of your tooth fades away, you are likely to feel soreness. Your dentist may prescribe you pain medication. While you can continue your normal routine the next day of the procedure, you should not chew on the side of the damaged tooth until the dentist fills it permanently or places a crown.

Root Canal Dentist in Seattle

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