Many people do not give as much attention to their oral health as to the fitness of the rest of their bodies. However, the condition of your teeth and gums can affect your overall health. Therefore, to keep up to date with your oral fitness, you must go in for regular dental check-ups.

On average, dentists recommend a dental check-up every six months. They may recommend more frequent visits if you have an existing oral condition that might require regular treatment and monitoring.

What Happens During a Dental Checkup?

A routine dental checkup mainly consists of two parts. The first one includes examining the patient’s oral health. For this, the dentist examines the patient’s teeth, tongue, and gums. They may also take x-rays for this purpose. They help dentists to better understand the oral health condition of the patient.

The second part includes professional teeth cleaning services. They will use different tools, including small mirrors and scrapers, for removing plaque and tartar from the patient’s mouth. If they encounter any oral health issues, they will create a follow-up treatment plan for the patient.

If you have been delaying your dental check-up, here are a few benefits that might convince you to attend regular appointments:

Professional Dental Cleaning

During a regular dental examination procedure, the dentist will offer you the service of professional dental cleaning. This aims to remove plaque and tartar that brushing and flossing cannot remove. Plaque and tartar can cause tooth decay, gum inflammation, and other dental problems if they accumulate on your teeth.

Regular teeth cleaning by your dentist is also less expensive than fillings, crowns, and other restorative procedures.

Bright and Sparkling Smile

If you desire to flaunt a bright and sparkling smile, you should never miss out on your regular dental checkups. Since these checkups include professional teeth cleaning services, you will not face the issue of discolored or stained teeth. Besides that, if there’s any oral health issue, it will be diagnosed and treated at the earlier stages so that your smile is not compromised.

Prevention of Plaque and Tartar Build-up

No matter how regular you’re with your teeth cleaning routine, there are chances that you are unable to clean hard-to-access areas in your mouth. This may result in plaque and tartar build-up. Their presence can lead to several oral health issues that can prove to be quite painful. And you would need extensive treatment to get rid of them.

When you visit your dentist for regular dental checkups, they are able to identify the early signs of such issues. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about plaque or tartar build-up in your mouth.

Treatment of Bad Breath

If you have been guilty of neglecting your oral health, there are fat chances that you suffer from a condition called halitosis. In this condition, you may develop chronic bad breath. The problem with this condition is that it doesn’t go away on its own. And since you won’t like to make others uncomfortable when talking or sitting beside you, it’s important that you get it treated ASAP. And for this, regular dental checkups can help you. They will diagnose the exact issue and help you with the treatment of bad breath.

Prevention of Oral Issues

Regular teeth exams can prevent complicated oral issues by resolving problems in their early stages. For example, gum disease generally does not show symptoms in its early stages. This makes it difficult to detect it. Fortunately, dentists are trained to detect gum disease even when it is trying to hide but this is only possible if you visit as recommended.

The dentist will check the gums for firmness during your routine dental check-up. They will examine for swelling, receding gums, and deep gum pockets. If the dentist discovers any of these concerning symptoms, they will proceed to treat the underlying cause.

Early gum disease usually disappears when a patient improves their oral habits, and a dentist can advise their patient on this matter.

Early Detection of Oral Cancer

A dentist will look for signs of oral cancer in their patient’s mouth in addition to examining their teeth and gums. If oral cancer goes undetected, it can progress to a life-threatening illness. A person who visits the dentist every six months for a dental check-up has a low risk of developing late-stage oral cancer thanks to this exam.

To detect cancer, the dentist will use a special light to look for dead tissue caused by tumors. The test is known as a VELscope cancer exam. It is painless and only takes a few minutes.

Awareness of Healthy Dental Routine

When you visit your dentist for your regular examination procedure, you will also receive advice on how to take better care of your oral health.

The dentist will examine your mouth for any oral damage caused by bad habits such as smoking or vaping, teeth grinding, brushing too hard, and your diet. Your dentist can then advise you on how to modify your lifestyle choices to improve your oral health.

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