Who told you that the crown is for king/queen only?

Everyone can wear crowns…well, at least dental crowns!

What are the Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is a hollow tooth-shaped cap, serving as a cover for missing or decayed teeth.

It is attached to your jaw with the help of cement. They are often paired up with dental implants. Together, they both perform exceptionally well.

When Crowns are the best option?

In these following situations, crowns are perfect:

  • To replace a missing tooth.
  • To hide imperfections such as crack, tooth discoloration, misshapen, or tooth decay.
  • For cosmetic purposes too.
  • To save an already damaged tooth.

What is a Dental Crown made from?

There is a variety of materials from which a dental crown can be made. From metals to porcelain, the wide variety promises different results. We will be discussing two major materials used in manufacturing crowns.

Metal Crowns:

Metal crowns can endure chewing hard food. They are longer-lasting, and one of the strongest materials for dental crowns. They seldom crack or chip.

There are different components that are used in the making of metal crowns, such as:

  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Cobalt-chromium
  • Nickel-chromium

However, you will find gold crowns a bit expensive. And, if you are looking for a natural tooth replica, then, metal would not be your default choice.

Porcelain-infused metal crowns:

It is another common material for manufacturing dental crowns. Porcelain-infused metal crowns offer two things; durability, and natural-looking teeth.

The metal helps with durability, while the porcelain infusion provides aesthetics.

Choosing the right dental crown for yourself:

As good as it is to have more options, it is also a fact that variety gives birth to confusion.

What material is perfect for you? It is a question that haunts everyone and might result in delaying the treatment.

We suggest that you should remain in touch with your dentist in Seattle to discuss your preferred material. However, these three qualities of the material might help you reach the final verdict…

  • Longevity: always look for the minimum age of the material you prefer to be good.
  • Strength: if you are foodaholic, and you consume meaty foods more, you should always look for medium-to-high strength materials. Metal crowns would be perfect for you.
  • Cost: now, that’s one of the most important factors too! Always contemplate your budget and ask for a reasonable yet durable crown material from your dentist in Seattle.


These three rules are going to help you make difficult decisions regarding the choice of dental crowns.

Temporary crowns:

This type of crown is…obviously temporary!

Your dentist will use these crowns only for the waiting period (waiting for the permanent ones to arrive).

They are designed to use for a very short time. You cannot expect them to be durable, because they are not.

To get either the permanent ones, you can contact our dental experts in Seattle.

You deserve the best treatment in the world!

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