Following are a few frequently asked questions (FAQs) about broken teeth and dental treatment for broken teeth:

Is it possible to fix broken teeth?

If you have suffered a broken or chipped tooth, it can cause you to panic. However, it is possible to fix broken teeth. Depending on the type and extent of the damage, dentists can use several dental treatments to restore the functionality of your teeth and the aesthetic of your smile.

What is the treatment for broken front teeth?

If you present with broken front teeth, your dentist will first evaluate you for the extent of damage and then decide what the ideal treatment is. Typically, if the damage to the front teeth becomes visible with your smile, then dentists use composite resin (a tooth-coloured material) to perform dental bonding. This not only fixes the teeth but restores their natural appearance as well.

How do dentists fix broken teeth?

Dentists determine the method of dental treatment for broken teeth by evaluating the affected teeth, past patient history, and the severity of the breaks. Dental fillings, crowns, bonding, implants, root canal therapy, and dental sealants are some treatment methods, but each dentist will choose the ideal treatment option as per individual situations.

What are the signs of a broken, fractured, or chipped tooth?

If you have experienced an injury or some type of trauma to your mouth, then the most obvious symptom is the physical change in your teeth. A tooth may appear as missing a piece of the enamel, chipped, or fall out completely. However, at times, there is no visible change to the teeth but this does not guarantee that no damage has taken place.

The symptoms of a broken, fractured, or chipped tooth may include:

  • Facial swelling (especially around the cheeks, jawline, or gums)
  • Blood or other discharges from the base of the affected tooth or near the gum line
  • Feeling pain when consuming foods and beverages of extreme temperatures
  • Sharp pain when biting down or applying pressure on the teeth
  • A sharp pain that comes and goes but dissipates quickly

How serious it is to break an adult tooth?

It is a serious dental issue if you break an adult tooth. A broken tooth is a dental emergency that should be treated right away. Even the smallest break or fracture can cause problems with eating, drinking, and, in some cases, speaking. Furthermore, a break can allow food and bacteria to become stuck in the area, leading to infection. Without treatment, a broken tooth may lose its potential for restoration and you will have to get an extraction. If you notice a broken tooth, call your dentist right away.

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