A healthy and bright smile plays a significant role in our lives. If we are happy with the way we look when we smile, it gives us great confidence. This leads to an improved lifestyle, as our confidence will influence many aspects of our daily routine.

On the other hand, many people find their smiles lacking. The reasons are plenty; some have misaligned teeth, while others deal with discoloration. Fortunately, we now have advanced dental procedures that allow people to have a complete smile makeover.

We provide reliable crooked teeth treatments, teeth reshaping procedures, and different teeth fixing options at our clinic, you can contact us if you are looking for dental treatment in Seattle to improve your smile.

What is a Smile Makeover?

Though people perceive smile makeovers frequently as solely aesthetic procedures, they involve so much more. The process of enhancing the look and condition of your teeth and gums through several dental operations is known as a smile makeover.

It is exactly what it sounds like: the entire procedure will include dental techniques that can alter your smile to your liking — you can also call it a smile enhancement process. A smile makeover typically includes porcelain veneers, but your dentist will use many other cosmetic dentistry treatments during the process.

Before your dentist begins the makeover, you will have an initial consultation with them. During this discussion, you will share with the dentist what areas you want improvements in and what kind of outcome you expect or the options for bad teeth you want to choose from. Your dentist will then suggest possible cosmetic treatments; personalizing the process as per your requirements.

How to get perfect teeth?

You can obtain your ideal or nearly perfect smile by following these steps. Here are some instructions on how to achieve flawless teeth.

Brush correctly

The best way to prevent undesirable dental problems that includes decay, stains, and discoloration of teeth is to brush your teeth regularly. So perform this easy task at least twice daily. Spend two minutes or more every time you brush your teeth.

Straightening treatments

Only metal braces were available in the past to correct teeth. The advances include techniques for straightening teeth, such as transparent aligner trays.

To assist you in attaining the smile, bite alignment, and level of perfection you desire, there are a variety of techniques available, including metal braces, clear aligner trays, and others.

Teeth whitening procedures

Discuss teeth whitening with our dentist if you feel that they are not as white or youthful-looking as you would like.

A whiter smile is possible in several ways at our dentist’s office. These include quick, astonishing in-office procedures with results that appear right away.

How can a Smile Makeover Benefit You?

For many people, a smile makeover process can change their life. It can significantly improve how people feel about themselves — leading to an enhanced sense of well-being. Here are three incredible benefits of a smile makeover:

Lasting first impression

Several studies have shown that many people notice a person’s smile as the first thing about them. Similarly, research has proven that if people have a bright and healthy smile, it presents them in a positive light to others.

A good smile is often associated with positive traits such as trustworthiness and success. Therefore, it is safe to say that your smile is essential for making a good first impression.

Better Overall Health

Many people believe smile enhancement to be cosmetic solely. However, this process can also fix issues like misaligned, missing, or crooked teeth. This prevents the build-up of excessive plaque and tartar — leading to improved oral health, which also affects overall fitness.

On the other hand, a good-looking smile boosts confidence and self-esteem, which are important for mental health.

Professional Success

A healthy smile can influence your professional career. Your bright smile sends off a strong confident vibe, which is important when hunting for a job. Moreover, when you have a good-looking smile, it will always help you improve your relationships with your peers at the office.

How much is a smile makeover?

The length of the treatment and the cost of your smile makeover will be influenced by your dental health, where you reside, the scope of your personalized makeover plan, the kind of dental insurance you have, the state of your oral health, and the cost of your smile makeover.

Before beginning treatment, our dentist may discover underlying dental health issues, which could increase the cost and length of the procedure. Even though your dental insurance carrier may only partially cover certain restoration procedures, you will still spend more for treatment than someone with great oral health.

Sue Vetter’s Smile Transformation in Seattle

If you live in Seattle and want a smile makeover, then you can get quality dental treatments at Sue Vetter’s dental clinic. Our dentist will discuss in detail what you want to fix about your smile, what kind of results you are expecting, and what treatments will work best for your requirements. To learn more about our smile enhancement service or book your appointment, visit our office or call us today.










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