So, you want to know what’s the best type of dental crown for you. It is unalterable that you will get permanent dental crowns. Temporary crowns are for the waiting period.

But, there are a variety of crowns, made from different materials and have different superpowers.

Let’s have a look at what’s the best one for you…

Gold Dental Crowns

Some people don’t do normal…they like a royal touch. What’s more royal than gold? Certainly, nothing!

Apart from being royal, gold has been a part of human dentistry for centuries. Gold when mixed with other metals such as palladium, chromium, or nickel work the best. The amalgamation also reduces the cost.

Pros of a gold dental crown:

  • It has the strength to bear pressure while you chew hard food.
  • It is longer lasting, and never wears down.
  • A gold crown can be fixed by removing a minimal amount of enamel.
  • Gold crowns even outgrow humans!


  • They are either golden or silver in color. So, if you care about aesthetics, they might not be for you.

Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crowns are made from ceramic. You can get a porcelain crown for relatively less cost than a gold crown.

Your dentist will suggest you have porcelain crowns for your front teeth only.

Pros of a porcelain crown:

  • It is commonly available at all dental clinics.
  • This is the closest shade to your natural tooth color.
  • It is suitable for people with metal allergies.


  • It is not as durable as gold crowns!

Stainless Steel Crowns

They are temporary crowns. Stainless steel crowns are mostly used for children.

Pros of a stainless steel crown:

  • Stainless crowns are almost instant.
  • It is a cost-effective treatment.
  • It protects the teeth from any external damage.


  • Not for permanent use.

Porcelain-infused Metal Crowns

The infusion of porcelain into metal makes the dental crowns more aesthetically pleasing.

Pros of porcelain-infused metal crown:

  • The porcelain infusion makes the dental crown look natural.
  • Metal structure helps increase the durability, strength, and longevity of the crown.


  • This type of dental crown is not a good option for people with receding gums.

Zirconia Crowns

It is a white crystalline form of zirconium oxide. Your dentist in Seattle might recommend it for your front teeth.

Pros of zirconia crown:

  • It is translucent.
  • It is 100% biocompatible.
  • This is one of the strongest materials for dental crowns.
  • If infused with porcelain, they are closest to the natural teeth shade.


  • Well, if you are getting such durability, and longevity, you can pay a good price. It is a bit expensive but worth it.

We have mentioned some of the most common types of the dental crowns. Each of which has its own sets of pros and cons… So, you can also consider this article to be “pros and cons of different types of dental crowns” too.

This article might have helped you in choosing the best for yourself. Contact your dentist in Seattle to get more detailed information on each type of dental crown and to know their cost as well. Call us now!










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