For many reasons, your dentist may find teeth extractions as a necessary treatment in your case. For example, if your tooth has been deeply affected by decay or infection; is beyond restoration point, then a tooth extraction can help prevent further complications. Similarly, dentists recommend wisdom tooth extractions to prevent impacted teeth or overcrowding in your mouth. While teeth extractions are standard dental treatments, they can be daunting for the patient, and at times, complicated too. To help the patient recover fast and nicely, the dentist will provide tooth extractions aftercare instructions, which the patient must adhere to strictly for their benefit.

Here are a few things you will have to do to aid the healing process:

  • To control bleeding, firmly bite on the gauze placed by your dentist on the extraction site. This helps in the formation of the blood clot in the tooth socket. If you are bleeding a lot, and are unable to minimize it, contact or visit your dentist. On other hand, it is normal to experience slight oozing of blood on the first day
  • Your dentist will prescribe medicine for managing the pain following the process of tooth extraction. You should take this medicine as prescribed. Do not drive or handle machinery as this medicine may make you drowsy
  • Swelling on the extraction site or bruising on the face is common with tooth extractions. You can remedy this with an ice pack. Place ice in a plastic bag or a thin towel and apply it to the cheek near the extraction site for 10 minutes. Then remove for 5 minutes and repeat as needed. You can also ask your dentist about this method
  • Eat a soft diet and drink plenty of fluids. Avoid foods and drinks of extreme temperatures. Do not smoke and limit your alcohol intake. Moreover, do not use a straw for drinking as this action may dislodge the blood clot
  • You should continue to brush your teeth but do so gently. Do not use toothpaste as the action of rinsing it out may dislodge the blood clot
  • Ask your dentist about how to keep the tooth extraction site clean, and when to resume a normal oral routine

Before sending you home after completing the process of tooth extraction, your dentist will provide you with a list of do’s and don’ts, along with other instructions.

It is important to follow all the advice. If you experience any discomfort that seems unusual or you are confused about what to do, it is recommended to contact your dentist. Furthermore, do not miss any follow-up appointments as scheduled by your dentist.

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