Teeth reflect the overall health of your body. Sustaining a good oral hygiene routine and flossing regularly will help to improve teeth health, but it’s the beginning only.

You cannot keep your teeth healthy and strong throughout your life just because you are brushing them regularly. You need to consider several other things as well to keep your teeth healthy and strong. Let’s take a look at them:

Use Fluoride Toothpaste

You cannot just pick any toothpaste and start brushing your teeth. It’s important that you focus on its components and try to get the one that has maximum minerals to offer your teeth.

Using fluoride toothpaste will be effective in improving your teeth’ health. Fluoride has been in use in dentistry over the past many years. Its ability to strengthen teeth and gums is not something hidden. It makes your teeth decay resistant by improving the outer layer of teeth called enamel.

Cut Out on Sugar

Sugar is one of the main enemies of your teeth. Certain bacteria are present in your teeth. These bacteria produce acid that affects the outer layer of your teeth and causes them to decay. These bacteria feed on sugar. So, when you consume a lot of sugar or its products, you are feeding these bacteria. As a result, you will lose the shine, strength, and durability of your teeth. Therefore, try to minimize your sugar consumption. It will leave a good impact on your overall health as well.

Take in More Calcium

Calcium is one of the primary minerals for your body. From bones to teeth, most of the rigid structures in our bodies are made by calcium deposition. Calcium is well known for strengthening enamel and dentine at the same time. It also powers your gums to hold your teeth and strengthen the roots as well. In short, calcium is a complete package for maintaining healthy and robust teeth. You must take the maximum amount of it. The best way to take calcium is to use fruits and milk.

Oil Pulling

You could hardly find something better than oil pulling to eliminate harmful bacteria from your mouth that is the main reason behind weak enamel. In the oil pulling process, you need to take an edible oil and use it just like a mouthwash. However, you need to keep it in your mouth for at least 20 minutes. During this period, the oil will get deep inside the roots of your teeth and remove bacteria and attached food particles.

After 20 minutes, spill out the oil. The best part is that oil restricts the bacteria from reattaching your teeth. Using clove oil or coconut oil will be the best option.

Move to a Mineral-rich Diet

You can keep your teeth clean by brushing and flossing them regularly. However, it will not do a single thing to mineralize your teeth. Mineralization of teeth is mandatory to make them stronger. You have to provide these minerals via your diet. Therefore try taking a diet that contains all essential minerals and vitamins for teeth. Fruits, vegetables, eggs, poultry, and meat must be included in your diet as they are rich sources of minerals and vitamins.

Focus on Your Stomach Issues

Several stomach issues such as heartburn and reflux are not good for your teeth. They will bring acid to your mouth and your teeth will be corroded by it. So keep the focus on your stomach problems and get them treated properly to strengthen your teeth.

Bottom Line

Now you have some of the most effective tips to strengthen your teeth. It’s up to you how you adopt them and make your teeth healthier and stronger than ever. Say goodbye to weak and rattling teeth.










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