A dental bridge is indeed a great treatment with numerous benefits. However, it is also true that a bridge is not the only option.

When you think of getting a dental bridge, these benefits and risk comparisons will give you food for thought. Let’s get to the benefits first, because why not?

Benefits of Dental Bridges:

Easily replaces a missing tooth…

Missing a tooth is not only a terrible functional loss but also a terrible aesthetic loss. By choosing a dental bridge, you get your missing teeth back.

Aesthetically pleasing!

Obviously, you would never want your teeth to look like a stone. While choosing a dental bridge, you will be given a catalog to choose the shade of color, and size of the tooth which you think is closest to your natural teeth. Totally worth the treatment!

Functions really well…

A dental bridge works almost like a natural tooth. With all the benefits that it offers, this one is the most important. It can help with your bite problems and jaw alignment.

Helps correct speech problems!

You might be unaware, but a missing tooth can take a toll on your speech. A dental bridge is one of the best ways to correct your tongue placement and jaw alignment.

Prevents bone loss:

Dental Bridges are a great option for decayed teeth. They can cover two or more missing or decayed teeth in one go! Decayed teeth deteriorate dental health, and prevent future bone loss as well.

Risks of Dental Bridges:

Damaging healthy teeth…

One of the biggest drawbacks of dental treatment is “grinding down your healthy teeth.” It is an essential step to attach a bridge.

Tip: How to avoid it? Ask your dentist in Seattle to suggest a dental bridge type with minimal loss and maximum gain.

Requires strength

When you fix a dental bridge on two “pontic teeth,” you are setting a weak base. Despite the success of dental bridges, it is true that a bridge is not the closest to a natural tooth. The missing tooth creates an impact on your jawbone, and facial nerves. A bridge is a fixture of just the aesthetics and chewing function, however, it may not be the best in providing strength to the teeth.

Tip: Avoid this situation by asking your dentist in Seattle to treat your missing teeth with implant-supported bridges.

Potentially irreversible!

A bridge treatment is irreversible. When you grind your natural tooth, you lose it forever! Before getting a dental bridge, you can always have a look at other treatments which are less invasive and promote healthy teeth.

A comparison between risks and benefits!

Dental bridge might have a lot to offer, but it takes from you as well. The best treatments are the ones whose risks can be avoided deliberately. By choosing a dental bridge with minimal risks, your dentist in Seattle might be able to restore your dental health.

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