What is better? A smile with missing teeth, or a smile with full, shiny teeth?

A smile with full teeth, obviously!

You can have a fuller smile with dental bridges, they are one of the best ways to restore missing teeth.

What does a Dental Bridge do?

A dental bridge is a prosthetic tooth set. No, it is NOT DENTAL IMPLANT (that’s for one tooth only). A dental bridge is also called pontic. It is supported by the adjacent teeth, also known as abutment teeth.

What is a Dental Bridge made from?

A dental bridge is made of ceramic, porcelain, or metal. You are free to choose from all porcelain bridges or porcelain infused with metal. You can also find dental bridges made from gold.

Did you know that one of the first dental bridges, dating back from 4000 BC, was made from bamboo sticks?

Who can get this treatment?

Anyone who has two or more decayed teeth, or missing teeth is eligible for dental bridges. You might share your prior health condition with your dentist, so, there will be less complications during the treatment.

What is the purpose of Dental Bridges?

Don’t let anyone tell you that dental bridges are a cosmetic service, because it is NOT! When you get a bridge, it helps to beautify your smile, but it has other purposes as well.

You can expect a dental bridge to restore your chewing abilities and also help with bite issues.

What are the benefits of dental bridges?

The treatment offers numerous benefits. Some of these are:

Smile Restoration

A dental bridge is a suitable option for individuals who have lost one or more teeth. It is basically a smile restoration procedure that will enable you to have a full set of sparkling bright teeth, making your smile perfectly beautiful.

Improved Mouth Function

A missing tooth can impact your mouth’s function to a great extent. You will have problems speaking, chewing, or biting food, particularly if there is more than one tooth missing. The ideal solution to improve the mouth’s function is getting treatment.

Helps to Maintain the Natural Shape of Face

When an individual loses a tooth, there is a possibility that their jawbone will get deteriorated. This can adversely impact the natural shape of the face. By getting a dental bridge, you will be able to maintain a natural shape and perform your routine mouth functions without experiencing any difficulty.

Keeps Your Natural Teeth in Place

A dental bridge serves the purpose of filling the void created by a missing tooth. This way, it helps to keep your natural teeth in place. If that gap is left untreated, your teeth may move and become loose, resulting in more oral health issues that may require extensive treatments.

How many types of Dental Bridges are there?

There are two basic types of bridges:

  • Removable – which you can remove at any time.
  • Permanent – which lasts around 08-10 years.

Are there any complications in dental bridge treatment?

Yes, there might be a few complications expected in the treatment, and might affect the bridge.

Broken bridge: In case of any breakage or mishap, your bridge gets damaged. To fix them, your dentist will have to extract the previous dental bridge remains, and fix another one.

Sensitive gums: There is a possibility that your bridges cause sensitive gums and immense difficulty in chewing. It can be considered normal for a few weeks post-treatment, but if it is getting out of hand, you must get in touch with your dentist in Seattle.

Infections: Post-treatment, you can also expect some infections occurring due to the porcelain (or material of dental bridges), but you can get in touch with your dentist to find a treatment for your infections.

How to take care of your dental bridge?

Dental bridges do not last forever, despite the fact that they are considered permanent as they are irremovable. However, it’s important to take care of them properly if you want to increase their lifespan. So, maintain good oral hygiene. This will not only benefit your dental bridge but your remaining natural teeth as well. Don’t forget to brush twice and floss daily. Ask your dentists for recommendations and advice on how to clean and floss around a dental bridge. Lastly, visit your dentist regularly for dental examinations and cleaning.

How much Dental Bridges cost?

We cannot inform you of the exact cost of the bridge, but provide a rough estimate of the minimum cost of the dental bridge.

The cost is determined by three major factors; the material, number of prosthetic teeth, and expertise of your dentist.

A dental bridge for a single tooth might cost you $300. Not a bad deal… you get a beautiful smile and a better-than-ever chewing experience.

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