Do you know your gums can hurt after a deep dental cleaning? You may be thinking about why gums will ache even after cleaning them as it is a good thing for your teeth and gums. The answer is pretty simple. When you opt for deep dental cleaning, a lot of plaque and other things will be removed from your teeth and gums.

Though the whole procedure is done gently, your gums will still become sour and start aching. However, it is good for you as your gums will heal afterward and will remain clean unless you stop following some common dental tips. Gum and tooth pain after dental cleaning can be relieved by using some general methods. Following are some effective ways to relieve gum pain after a dental cleaning.

Using Painkillers

The best solution for gums and teeth that hurt after cleaning is to take some painkillers. There are plenty of medicines that you can use to avoid any type of pain from any part of the body. However, it never means that you can pick any medicine of your choice and take it to get some relief. It is strongly recommended to contact your dentist before taking any medicine for gum or tooth pain relief. The best way is to ask your dentist to prescribe proper medicines to relieve pain after cleaning.

Using Desensitizing Toothpaste

It is clear that the tooth hurts after dentist cleaning and will be hard for you to brush as well. But it never means that you stop maintaining oral hygiene as it will be useless to get deep cleaning if you don’t pay heed to the regular maintenance of your teeth. Therefore, you need to brush your teeth. To avoid sensitivity and irritation, it is suggested to use desensitizing toothpaste. Apart from that, you can also opt for toothpaste that has sodium nitrate in it. Such pastes are very effective against gum and tooth pain.


Diet plays a major role to relieve pain after a dental cleaning. “What can I eat after deep cleaning of teeth” should be the first question that you must ask your dentist when planning to get it. Your dentist will suggest different things that you can eat. Knowing those things that you need to avoid is also necessary to relieve pain quickly. Let’s have a look at foods to avoid and food to eat for better recovery from gum pain.

Foods to Avoid

You must not opt for hard or chewy foods. These foods will entrap in your teeth and make it difficult for you to remove them. As you have freshly deep cleaned your teeth, it will be hard for you to use floss or a toothbrush to remove entrapped particles. It will stick to your teeth and again make them dirty. Similarly, eating hard foods such as shells will put pressure on your gums and teeth making them pain even more.

Foods to Eat

You must eat a soft and less spicy diet. However, make sure that the diet must be nutrient-rich so that your teeth don’t face demineralization. Eating soft foods will play an important role to relieve gum pain after a dental cleaning.

Home Remedies

Some home remedies such as cold and warm compresses, the use of salted water as a mouthwash, Hydrogen Peroxide and turmeric paste, homemade dental sprays, and some oral anesthetic gels are some effective home remedies against gum pain.

Bottom Line

Dental cleaning is required to maintain oral hygiene. However, gum pain is also common after a dental cleaning. You can adapt the above methods as well to relieve this pain.










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