Deep Dental Cleaning Services

Dental hygiene can both prevent and treat gum disorders. This is why it’s essential to visit the dentist twice a year for routine cleanings and to brush and floss regularly.

A dentist might suggest you get a dental deep cleaning procedure if your gums are bleeding, receding, or loose.

What is the Purpose of Deep Cleaning for Teeth?

Deep cleaning of the teeth takes place below the gum line. Gum cleaning is done to remove plaque and clean pockets and difficult-to-reach places like the roots of your teeth. Tartar is a substance that can build up around the crowns and roots of teeth. If this tartar is not addressed, it may cause harmful bacterial infections.

To remove tartar from teeth, dentists employ periodontal scaling and root planing. If hand scraping fails to remove the tartar, they may also utilize an ultrasonic removal device.

Benefits of Deep Dental Cleaning

Keeping Gum Disease at Bay

A deep dental cleaning will prevent problems brought on by bacterial overgrowth. Plaque, tartar, and calculus must all be removed to avoid infections.

Improved Overall Wellbeing

Numerous studies have associated oral health with general health, which implies that deep dental cleanings might be your ally in reducing diseases like cardiovascular diseases related to oral problems.

Avoiding Tooth Loss

Plaque accumulation is one of the most typical causes of gum disease, and this disease is a significant factor in tooth loss. Deep cleanings help stop tooth loss since they will eliminate the plaque from your gums and teeth.

Brighter Smile

Although having white teeth is helpful for our look and personality, maintaining them is challenging. A deep cleaning will eliminate stains besides removing tartar and plaque, leaving your smile looking healthier and more radiant.

The Process

Our dentist will first view your medical records and perform an x-ray before beginning the treatment. They can then decide which regions to work on. Following this first design stage, the dentist will assess the depths of the gum sockets using a specialized tool. To remove tartar from the teeth, the dentist will begin the scaling procedure. If required, an ultrasonic device is also used. The teeth are then polished using toothpaste with grit.

After that, an air polisher is used to polish the teeth. The dentists may also perform the final flossing. A fluoride treatment is a possible choice for remineralizing the teeth.

Is Deep Dental Cleaning Painful?

Generally, any discomfort brought on by the procedure is bearable. For individuals with deep pockets, the pain will be much greater than for others. Similar to this, people with sensitive teeth might experience intense discomfort. If necessary, the dentist may administer a local anesthetic for this.

Dental Service in Seattle

The dental deep cleaning treatment is one of the many high-quality dental procedures we provide at Sue Vetter in Seattle. Thanks to our experienced team, each patient receives the best dental care possible.

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