Which part of your mouth do you think is shown the most while you talk?

Despite regular brushing and flossing, your teeth can get discolored with time.

Sometimes, beverages and high-pigment foods cause tooth discoloration.

…and sometimes your smoking habit does.

But, regardless of what you eat, drink or smoke…you can always start new.

There are a variety of teeth whitening services that enhance your smile by bleaching or scrubbing your teeth.

We have two significant treatments for teeth whitening:

Zoom! Teeth Whitening and In-office teeth whitening service.

Each treatment follows a different procedure and the results are amazing!

Before trying any whitening treatment, ADA suggests that everyone should get in touch with their dentist if they have:

  • Dental restoration such as implants, fillings, and crowns
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • One dark tooth

Let’s have a look at the procedures of both treatments to see what suits you!

Regular whitening treatment:

Most teeth whitening products contain carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide.

During a regular teeth whitening treatment, your dentist applies regular hydrogen peroxide with 20 to 30% concentration on your teeth…

After that, your dentist also puts special light to enhance the gel’s effect. This light is put on for 15 minutes in three intervals, making the treatment 45 minutes long.

Zoom! whitening treatment:

Zoom also uses hydrogen peroxide as a bleaching agent with the same concentration. The process is very similar to regular teeth whitening.

However, the only striking difference between zoom teeth and laser regular whitening is that zoom uses a special light to activate the gel.

The process of both treatments is the same and so is the time duration.

What’s the difference between Zoom! Teeth and Regular Teeth Whitening Service?

Regular whitening treatment uses light to heat the bleaching solution for oxidation.

If your dentist is not an expert and provides excessive heat for the process, it can be uncomfortable. If the process goes wrong the worst that can happen is nerve damage.

However, it is a very rare phenomenon and most dentists follow proper protocols for the whitening treatment.

Zoom whitening treatment uses an infrared light that filters infrared rays. The heat exposure in Zoom! Whitening is minimal.

End result of Zoom! And Regular Teeth Whitening:

As the process of both treatments is the same, the end results are also the same. We can expect great results from both Zoom! And Regular.

Dentists suggest that yellow and brown stains can be easily removed by both treatments.

However, both treatments are good only if you do not have cavities or other dental issues.

Also, these treatments are not for extremely sensitive teeth as the hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide solution can add fuel to it.

Both treatments have shown great results if compared to at-home whitening services. It is better to get a treatment that is quick, effective, and performed under expert supervision.

So, if you also want to get white, and bright teeth, get either a regular or Zoom! Whitening Service. Although, dentists suggest Regular Teeth Whitening before Zoom!

Consult your dentist in Seattle to get one!










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