Dentures are removable tooth substitutes that may be taken out and reinserted into your mouth. While you do need some time to get accustomed to dentures and it will never feel exactly like natural teeth, today’s they are more natural-appearing and comfortable than ever before.

They are divided into two categories: full and partial dentures. Your dentist will advise you on the best form of dentures for you based on whether you need to replace some or all of your teeth as well as the cost.

To maintain quality and oral health, denture care is important. In this article, we will discuss how you can keep your removable dentures clean.

Managing Denture Care

Here are a few tips on how to clean dentures:

  • When you eat with dentures, loose food particles can be stuck in them. This is why you should remove the dentures after meals and rinse them carefully.
  • Whenever cleaning your dentures, handle them with care to prevent damage to the plastic of the clasps.
  • Just as we brush our natural teeth twice daily, your dentures need brushing as well. Take a soft-bristled brush and a non-abrasive denture cleaner for this purpose. In case you use a denture adhesive, you should also carefully clean the grooves that fit with the gums to remove the remaining adhesive. You should never use a denture cleanser inside your mouth.
  • When you remove your dentures for cleaning, you should also clean your mouth before placing them back. You should gently clean all areas such as the gums, any remaining teeth, cheeks, palate, and tongue.
  • Dentures need overnight soaking in order to keep their shape and remain moist. You can buy a mild denture-soaking solution to place the dentures in it for the duration of the night. However, when you take them out, rinse properly before placing them back in the mouth as the denture-soaking solution contains chemicals
  • You should attend all your scheduled dental visits so your dentist can examine the dentures, clean them professionally, and ensure their proper fitting in the mouth. A dentist can also evaluate the dentures for any damage.
  • In case you feel the dentures have a loose fit, see your dentist immediately as a poor fit can lead to sores, irritation, and infection.

Apart from these denture care tips, you should avoid certain products. These include whitening toothpaste, bleach-containing products, hot water, and abrasive cleaning materials. If your dentures come with metal attachments, then do not soak these in chorine-containing solutions, which can damage the metal parts.

When you are getting dentures for the first time, your dentist will provide you with details on proper care. It is significant to follow all the instructions and advice to have the best results from your dentures and maintain your oral health.

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