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Dentures are tooth replacements that can be removed and reinserted into your mouth. While the treatment requires some adjustment and will never feel exactly like one’s natural teeth, the dentures available today are more natural-looking and comfortable than earlier versions.

Typically, they are of two types: full and partial dentures. Your dentist for dentures will advise you regarding the best type for you based on whether some or all of your teeth require replacement and the cost involved.

Types of Dentures:

Here are the types available if you are getting treatment for the first time:


These are full removable dentures made for and fitted to your mouth. However, your dentist will first extract your remaining teeth and wait for the tissues to heal which can take several months.


These are called immediate dentures because the dentist will insert them the same day as the remaining teeth are extracted. During a preliminary visit, your dentures specialist will take measurements and create models of your jaw. You are not required to be toothless during the healing period, but you may need to have your dentures relined or remade once your jaw has healed.


In some cases, it is possible to save some of your teeth; preserve your jawbone, and provide stability and support for your dentures. Overdentures are worn over a small number of natural teeth that have been prepared by your dentist. Implants can also perform the same function.

Reasons to Get Dentures:


This treatment tends to be comfortable to wear once they fit you perfectly. By wearing them, you will no longer face problems or discomforts while performing your routine mouth functions.

No More Food Restrictions

Tired of being told what to eat and what to avoid because of missing teeth? Wearing them will ease up all these restrictions. You can eat anything you desire. However, make sure to avoid eating starchy or sugary foods in excess. This will not only preserve your dentures but protect your oral health from painful implications.

Restored Smile

A missing tooth can vastly impact your smile, particularly if it’s the front tooth that’s missing. Many people develop social awkwardness due to this reason as the void left by the missing tooth is visible when they smile, talk, or eat food. By getting dentures, this will no longer be an issue. You can smile and talk confidently in public without worrying about anything.

Enhanced Support

When you have one or more missing tooth, the facial muscles start to sag. The reason? They lack the support provided by natural teeth. Since dentures replace missing teeth, facial muscles also get their support back. This way, you won’t have to worry about your missing teeth making you look older than you are.

Less Wear & Tear on Existing Teeth

When you miss a few teeth, the remaining teeth become burdened as they become responsible for performing all the mouth functions, which can result in excessive wear and tear. Getting partial dentures will ensure the chewing forces are distributed evenly on all teeth. Therefore, there will be reduced wear and tear.

Hard to Notice

Modern dentures are available in plastic and porcelain materials that look just like our natural teeth. Therefore, you will still be able to flaunt a natural-looking smile even after wearing them.

Getting Dentures for the First Time

For a few weeks, new dentures may feel awkward until you get used to them. They may feel loose at first as your cheek and tongue muscles learn to keep them in place. Minor irritation or soreness is also common. You may notice a temporary increase in saliva flow. These issues should go away as your mouth adjusts to the dentures. Following the insertion of the dentures, follow-up appointments with the dentist are usually required so that the fit can be checked and adjusted. If any problem persists, especially irritation or soreness, then you should visit your dentist.

How Much Do Dentures Cost?

On average, a full set of dentures can cost about $1,800. However, certain factors greatly affect the price of dentures. These include the material used to make them, the level of and customization for the patient, along with the additional costs of possible teeth extractions, immediate dentures until permanent dentures are ready and you have healed to wear them, and follow-up appointments if required.

At Sue Vetter’s dental care office, you can get affordable dentures in Seattle. Our specialist will guide you through the entire process, perform a quality treatment, and ensure your oral health during the follow-up appointments. Patients will find a comfortable and hygienic environment at our dental office — with access to a wide range of dental treatments and preventive care.

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