Many people do not visit a dentist regularly for standard teeth cleaning. Most people are not even aware that periodic dental cleanings are necessary for good oral hygiene and health.

Here are a few frequently asked questions (FAQs) that may help you understand the importance of teeth cleaning:

Why get Dental Cleanings?

Dental cleanings are extremely important if you want to maintain oral health. These give you a beautiful smile as well as enhanced oral functionality. During a teeth-cleaning appointment, a dentist thoroughly cleans your teeth by removing plaque and tartar build-up that your brush cannot at home. This reduces your risk of gum disease and helps in preventing major dental problems.

How often to visit the dentist for Dental Cleanings?

On average, dentists advise scheduling teeth cleaning appointment every six months. However, some people have existing oral health problems, such as periodontal disease. For such cases, the dentist may recommend teeth cleaning every three months. Depending on the current condition of your oral health, your dentist can help you develop a dental plan, which will include how often you should receive this treatment in a year.

Will the Teeth Cleaning process hurt?

A professional tooth cleaning procedure is not painful. You may feel subtle vibrations and pressure from the equipment used. Some people become uneasy with these sensations, but your dental team is trained in making you feel comfortable. Some clients generally feel anxious during dental procedures.

You can decide on a signal before the process starts so every time you communicate that signal, your dentist will stop and give you time to relax.

Why do my gums hurt after a deep dental cleaning?

When you go for dental cleaning, your dentist deeply cleans every corner of your teeth. During this process, plaque and other entrapped materials will be removed from the gums. This will empty the pockets in which plaque was trapped. As a result, your gums and teeth roots will become exposed for some days. As there is no enamel to protect these regions, they become sensitive and painful.

How long the tooth and gum ache will last after cleaning?

As mentioned earlier, the pain is only due to the exposure of some parts of your gums and teeth roots. So, it will not last for several days. It may take 3 to 4 days to relieve this pain. The maximum duration of this pain is 7 days. If your gums or teeth pain even after 7 days of a dental cleaning, then you must contact your dentist immediately.

How to relieve teeth and gums pain after a deep dental cleaning?

It is normal for your teeth and gums to hurt after a deep cleaning. However, it never means that you should not go for teeth cleaning. This pain can be cured in several ways, such as:

  • Try avoiding hard and spicy foods. They will irritate your teeth and guns. Apart from that, you have to put a lot of strain on your teeth to chew them. So avoiding them will relieve your pain.
  • Ask your dentist to prescribe some painkillers for you. These painkillers will work efficiently and help to soothe the tooth and gum ache.
  • Using some home remedies such as salted water, toothpaste with sodium nitrate, and dental anesthetic gels will also help in relieving the pain of your teeth and gums after the treatment.

Is it worth getting deep dental cleaning?

Deep dental cleaning will help you to maintain oral hygiene. Different types of bacteria including plaque will also be removed during this process. It will prevent you from several gum and teeth disorders. Furthermore, it will allow your dentist to control all dental disorders at their early stages. So, it is worth getting a deep cleaning.

Is there dental cleaning aftercare?

After completing the cleaning procedure, your dentist will provide you with some instructions on immediate aftercare. This dental cleaning aftercare is to help with the sensitivity, which is common after this process.

Furthermore, you should keep brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing at least once a day. You can also consult your dentist on which toothpaste to use, whether to invest in a good mouthwash, and other healthy oral habits.

What happens if you delay a professional cleaning treatment?

Everyone has bacteria in their mouth. Some of these bacteria are good, while others are harmful. Even if you have a good oral hygiene routine at home, you should not delay professional treatment.

Regular teeth cleanings ensure that your mouth gets rid of harmful build-up that you cannot remove on your own. If not removed, you may eventually damage your enamel, and gums, develop cavities and face other complicated dental issues.

For asking more questions regarding procedures, you can connect with our dental cleaning specialist in Seattle. They will guide you on what is the best plan for your individual needs. You can also book an emergency dental cleaning appointment by calling us.

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