Dental Bridges are a long-lasting treatment, but some incidents can damage them.

Dental Bridge might have helped you while you speak or chew, and with jaw alignment, but they have limited strength. A dental bridge is anchored on a grinded natural tooth, which already gets weak post grinding process.

To add fuel to fire, some reasons could further weaken your dental bridge! Let’s have a look…

Signs of Dental Bridges aging:

  • Chewing coarse food, like ice, or nail-biting can go wrong.
  • Teeth grinding (you should’ve used a mouthguard!)
  • Dental changes: with time, your teeth structure is changed, resulting in a less stable bridge.
  • Neglecting oral health routine: laziness might feel good for a short time…but it destroys your oral health.

What if you cared for your bridge, and visited your dentist regularly for checkups?

Dental Bridges are extremely effective, and an awesome alternative to your natural teeth. But, they are NOT your natural teeth. They last around 7-10 years. So, if your bridge has completed its age, it’s time to get a repair!

Observe the red flags!

When your dental bridge causes inflammation, and sensitivity, head to your dentist in Seattle.

Notice any chipping or cracking on chewing normal food:

This can also be a potential sign of dental bridge aging.

Notice a change in your dental bridge’s color!

It is true that dental bridges are not stainless, and it might be difficult to notice for someone who is a chain smoker, or regular coffee drinker. However, this change of color will be different. So, there are chances that you could be able to notice it.

Loosening of Dental Bridges:

With time, your dental bridge might start to loosen. When this happens, visit your dental care in Seattle immediately for a repair.

Repairing Dental Bridges

To repair bridges, your dentist might ask the cause of dental bridge failure. Let’s have a look at how a bridge is repaired:

Removal of dental bridge

If your dental bridge is failing due to the damaged abutment teeth, removal of the bridge to repair the natural tooth is a necessity.

Replacement with dental implants

If removing dental bridges doesn’t help, your dentist might replace the abutment teeth with a dental implant. They become sturdier and longer-lasting.

Replacement of fractured tooth

An incident can fracture your dental bridge, and replacing it is the only option. You might need a surgical tooth extraction if your abutment teeth are hurt.

Repair the coating

To give additional support and shine to your bridge, your dentist often puts a porcelain coating on the teeth. If there is any cracking or chipping of the coating, your dentist will repair it by removing the previous coat, and applying yet another coat.

Aftercare for Dental Bridges

Remember, always take care of your oral health. If you care for your dental bridges, you can increase their age.

  • Brush twice, or after every meal.
  • Floss gently.
  • Wear a mouthguard to protect teeth from grinding.

Contact your dentist in Seattle to repair your dental bridges.










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