Maintaining good oral health is required to keep your overall body healthy and active. You need to visit your dentists at regular intervals to maintain good dental conditions. Sometimes the issues will be common and will be treated easily. However, in some cases, your teeth conditions may get critical and doctors have to remove one or more teeth and implant new ones. Whenever you discuss teeth implants, abutment teeth will be a part of this discussion.

Wait, what! You don’t know what Dental abutments are or don’t have a single clue about them? Don’t worry! We will tell you everything about them and their role in dental implant healing.

What are Dental Abutments?

They are generally the connectors that are used at the time of dental implants. When you have to get implants, dental abutments are also used. They are usually made of metals. They are used to connect the crown with implants. These abutments are fixed on the dental implants by connecting them with jaw bone from one end. The other end or side of the abutment will be free. This free site will be connected with the crown. Dental implant abutments will serve as a base for the crown and keep it fixed over the implant.

Healing Abutments

Some special types of dental abutments are also used for healing purposes by dentists. These are commonly referred to as healing abutments. They will serve as healing caps for dental implants. Such types of amusements are wider than the normal ones. These are attached over the implant and expanded over the gum tissues.

This will lead to the regeneration of gum tissues that will give a stronger anchorage to the implant and crown. Due to their specific structure and healing ability, these abutments are also known as healing cuffs. Their wider structure will also create space for the crown. It will become easy for dentists to install crowns over dental implants.

Material of the Dental Abutments

Abutments for dental implants are made up of metal. The most commonly used metal for them is titanium. This metal is very durable and will not get rusted. So, it’s the main reason for using it. Apart from that, some other metals are also used. Gold is among the top metals that are used for abutments. The use of zirconia for dental abutments has been increasing continuously for the past few years. The reason behind this is its similarity to teeth color. It will not become prominent like other material abutments.

Fitting of Dental Abutments

Dental abutments can be fixed by your dentist using two methods. Let’s have a look at both of them.

Surgery Method

The first method is to install a dental implant, and then fit an abutment with it. Then it is covered by jaw tissues and let heal for 6 months. After that, the dentist will cut open it during surgery and install the crown over it.

Healing Abutments/Cuffs Method

The other method is the use of implant healing abutments or healing cuffs. These are wider and will leave enough space for the crown. So, dentists have to simply fix the crown with a healing cuff or abutment after the recover jaw tissues around implants.

The second method is the most preferable one as you don’t have to undergo surgery just for the fixing of the crown over the dental implant.

Final Thoughts

Dental abutments are very effective for the quicker recovery of tissues after implants. They also serve as a base for the crown and keep it fixed over the implant. You can get dental abutments by visiting Sur Vetter’s Clinic in Seattle.










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