Your gums are an important part of your oral health. They hold the teeth in their place and give shape to your whole face. Sometimes, your gums may start bleeding. The bleeding may be due to several reasons. If you know these reasons, you can opt for a proper method of treatment. Therefore instead of directly figuring out how to stop bleeding gums, first try to find the reason behind it.

Bleeding may be due to some internal body problems, gum diseases, or sometimes due to slight cuts. Following are some most common causes of bleeding gums. Let’s explore them.

Brushing Hard

Brushing too hard can be the main reason. During brushing, you rub your brush against your teeth and gums. It is suggested to do so nicely and slowly. When you brush them too hard, it damages the outer layer of your gums and they start bleeding. Sometimes using a brush with hard bristles also causes the same effect despite being slow and nice. Hopefully, now you get the answer to why my teeth bleed when I brush them. So go nice and slow to avoid this issue at least when brushing.


Gingivitis is one of the primary reasons for bleeding gums. When you don’t clean your brush regularly or properly, a sticky layer of bacteria called plaque develops. If not removed instantly, this plaque further develops into tartar which is dangerous for your gums. Your gums will swell due to infection. They will be painful and start bleeding as well. Brushing or flossing your teeth will also become difficult due to a lot of pain. Ask your dentists to recommend the best mouthwash for bleeding gums to keep your teeth and gums clean during the treatment of this infection.

Wearing Dentures That Don’t Fit

Sometimes you may lose some of your teeth due to some reasons and start wearing dentures. They help to keep your mouth in shape by providing the same support as natural teeth. However, they too can cause bleeding gums. This usually happens when your dentures are not completely fit in your mouth. They have to make direct contact with your gums. So if they are not fitting properly, they will scratch your gums from attachment points. It will make your gums bleed. So always wear perfectly fitting dentures.


Are you surprised to see pregnancy on the list of reasons behind bleeding gums? Don’t worry! You are not the only one. Pregnancy does cause bleeding gums. It usually happens when hormonal changes take place in females. During pregnancy, the fluctuations in hormonal levels were very high. These hormonal changes alter body response to gum infecting bacteria. As a result, your gums start bleeding by becoming more vulnerable.

More than 50 percent of pregnant women in this world have the issue of swollen, bleeding, and painful gums. So during pregnancy maintain good hygiene. Use tape floss and quality toothpaste for bleeding gums to maintain good oral hygiene.

Health Problems

Sometimes health issues other than oral also cause bleeding gums. Such disorders affect your overall body as well. Liver diseases, blood clotting, Anemia, Leukemia, and temporal arteries are some major health issues that will cause bleeding gums. Your regular dental check-up will help you to find out if health problems are behind bleeding gums. So you can take treatment from relevant doctors.

Final Words

Avoid the above causes to prevent your gums from bleeding. When you feel your gums are bleeding, rush to visit a dentist and get proper treatment for bleeding gums. Visiting the dentist will also be beneficial for you in terms of predicting other health issues that are causing your gums to bleed.










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