People have little to no idea when it comes to dental treatments… Most of the time, they get affected by dental phobia and rarely visit their dentists.

Where dental phobia is a real thing, the benefits of dental treatments are the perfect counter argument for your brain. It is much needed to calm your mind down.

Never pay heed to those who tell you that dental treatments are not very important. They are as important as other body parts’ treatment.

If you are suffering from tooth decay, or have a missing tooth, do not wait until the situation gets really bad. Your dentist in Seattle might suggest some proactive treatments to help you restore your oral health.

One of the most beneficial treatments in restorative dentistry is the “dental bridge.”

What is Dental Bridge Treatment?

A dental bridge is an advanced treatment method that is used by orthodontists to cure the gaps that produce when you lose one or more teeth. The gap produced is bridged by using a false tooth. This will keep your teeth aligned and make your smile look perfect. You will never want to attend your classes at university or a meeting at the workplace with one of your front teeth, not present. Apart from affecting your whole personality and smile, it will also create trouble for you when speaking as you will fail to pronounce a few words. Therefore, you must adopt this treatment to fill this gap.

What is the Difference Between Dental Bridge and Implants?

Both dental bridges and implants are used to replace lost teeth, so one can easily get confused between these two treatment methods and will consider them the same. But in actuality, they are totally different from each other. In a dental implant, a new crown with a complete root is made up of titanium or high-quality aluminum. This implant serves as an alternative to the tooth which doesn’t need support from any of the neighboring teeth as it directly penetrates the gums and jaw tissues.

On the other hand, a dental bridge is a false tooth that is only the upper portion of teeth with no roots. This will be attached to either of the side teeth and need support from them. With no deep connection to the gums or jaw tissues, it will never cause pain in them which may happen when you opt for dental implants. It is a quicker process than implants.

Material of Dental Bridge

A dental bridge can be made of several types of material. The most common and effective material is porcelain. This white-colored material matches exactly your teeth and doesn’t feel odd. Apart from it, some other materials such as silver and gold are also used. If you are willing to give your teeth a luxurious look, a gold dental bridge will do this job with perfection. Ceramics or fused metals can also be used to make a much stronger dental bridge.

Here are some of the benefits that might persuade you to get one!

A two-in-one treatment!

There are a few treatments that give both restorative, and aesthetic benefits.

In terms of restoration, a bridge can provide a great alternative to a natural tooth and function like one too. Whereas, aesthetically, your dental bridge is the closest to your natural teeth.

So, you pay for one, and enjoy both benefits!

Bring back your chewing abilities!

Are you tired of chewing food from one side of the mouth? Well, that’s a painful situation… With the help of this treatment, you can get your chewing abilities back.

Dental bridges have amazing restorative properties.

It doesn’t matter which part of your mouth gets a dental bridge, you will be able to chew food normally. However, your dentist might suggest avoiding chewing hard foods. (Obviously, you cannot expect your bridges to chew off wood…)

Get that beautiful smile back!

Remember when you had full teeth, and your smile was as warm as sunshine? Well, you can bring back those days! (For REAL.)

Get the full benefit from the cosmetic properties of Dental Bridges!

Smiling with full teeth hits differently, no?

Dental Bridges will not only help in chewing but will also help you regain your self-confidence.

Helps with the bite problem!

Difficulty in chewing could also be caused by the bite problem. If you want to fix it, get dental bridges.

It helps in the realignment of the jaw, and the teeth.

If you have a missing tooth, there is a possibility that your teeth structure might start to shift gradually. With bridges, you can help the teeth remain at their designated places and resolve bite problems.

Long-Lasting treatment!

The treatment has so many good aspects, longevity is one of them.

Your dental bridges might last longer than…your friendships! Obviously, if you take care of them.

Your smile expert in Seattle suggests that if you follow a proper oral health regimen, and make sure you wear a mouthguard (if you are a teeth grinder or an active sports player), your bridge will last for more than 10 years. The age span of dental bridges is 5-15 years…or more!

Get dental bridges, and make your life worth living.










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