A perfect smile can improve your personality and make you look more confident. However, for this, you must have perfectly aligned teeth.

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with naturally straight teeth. Some people have naturally crooked teeth that impact their smiles. But thanks to advancements in dentistry, it’s not possible to get them straightened. You can now take dental treatment in Seattle to get perfectly aligned teeth.

The following are some of the top-listed ways to get straight teeth.


Braces are the most preferable and most popular method to get perfect straight teeth. Braces are usually made of metal or ceramic material. They will be fixed in your teeth to align them perfectly. You must look for an orthodontist to get braces. There are a lot of benefits to getting braces. Following are some top of them.

  • Braces are not very expensive. You can easily afford them.
  • You will only have to visit the dentist once to get braces. These will remain fixed in your teeth until your treatment.
  • The results are effective and usually take 1 to 3 years to align your whole teeth depending upon your oral condition.
  • To get braces or to live with them is not painful at all. You just have to keep your braces clean for effective results.
  • The best part is that they come In different styles. You can choose from some colored braces to transparent and white braces.

Removable Aligners

If you are trying to figure out how to have straight teeth without braces then the answer is teeth aligners. Removable teeth aligners are also used to straighten your teeth. You cannot just pick any aligner and tend to fix it in your mouth. You must visit your dentists to get teeth aligners for yourself.

Dentists will provide you with the aligners that are made for your mouth. You need to keep on changing your aligners every month as they are made of plastic and acrylic material which will get bacteria after one month. Furthermore, ask your dentists to recommend a suitable brand for aligners.


Surgery is probably the quickest way to align your teeth but it is not applicable in all conditions. It is only performed when your jaws are misplaced. Surgery is performed to bring your jaws and teeth to their original position as a whole. It will not be performed for individual teeth.

Teeth alignment of crooked teeth due to misaligned jaws is done by surgery. Try to book an appointment with a proficient and qualified dentist for surgery. Never forget surgery aftercare practices.

Avoid Crooked Teeth

The easiest way to get straight teeth is to avoid those things which cause you to have crooked teeth. The following are some of those things that you must avoid:

  • Stop sleeping on your belly. It will put pressure on your teeth and misplace them from their original position.
  • Avoid sitting on a desk with your chin resting on your hands. It feels comfortable and easy to sit in such a posture. However, it puts pressure on both of your jaws.
  • Oral unhygienic conditions will also cause your teeth to be crooked.


  • Never try DIY practices to straighten your teeth.
  • Instead of figuring out how to fix crooked teeth at home, visit your dentists and discuss the issue with them.
  • Never try any of the internet ideas such as the use of paper clips and biting some hard objects for straightening your teeth.

Bottom Line

No more hiding your teeth just because they are crooked. Get them aligned by using the above effective methods. Pay special attention to precautions to avoid damaging your teeth.










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