Periodontal maintenance, a crucial aspect of oral health, is essential for individuals who have been diagnosed with gum disease or have a history of periodontal issues. This ongoing care is designed to manage and control gum disease, preventing its progression and maintaining the health of the gums and supporting structures. In this article, we will delve into the key components of periodontal maintenance.

Thorough Oral Health Assessment

Periodontal maintenance begins with a comprehensive oral health assessment. Your dentist or periodontist will examine your teeth and gums, looking for signs of inflammation, infection, and any changes in your periodontal condition. This assessment serves as the foundation for developing a personalized maintenance plan.

Professional Dental Cleanings

Regular professional dental cleanings are a fundamental component of periodontal maintenance. These cleanings go beyond standard dental cleanings and involve the removal of plaque and tartar both above and below the gumline. Special instruments are used to clean the tooth roots and smooth the tooth surfaces to prevent bacterial growth.

Gum Health Monitoring

Monitoring the health of your gums is a critical aspect of periodontal maintenance. Your dental provider will regularly measure the depth of periodontal pockets, which are spaces between the teeth and gums. Monitoring these pockets helps assess the progression or stabilization of gum disease.

Personalized Oral Hygiene Education

Education plays a significant role in periodontal maintenance. Your dentist or hygienist will provide personalized oral hygiene instructions, emphasizing the importance of proper brushing and flossing techniques. They may recommend specific tools or products tailored to your needs.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Guidance

Periodontal health is influenced by nutrition and lifestyle choices. As part of periodontal maintenance, you may receive guidance on adopting a diet that promotes oral health and reducing habits like smoking, which can negatively impact gum health. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help manage gum disease effectively.

Regular Follow-Up Appointments

Periodontal maintenance involves scheduling regular follow-up appointments with your dental provider. The frequency of these appointments varies depending on the severity of your gum disease and your response to treatment. Follow-up visits typically occur every few months to monitor and manage your condition effectively.


Periodontal maintenance in Seattle WA or anywhere else is a comprehensive and ongoing approach to managing gum disease and preserving oral health. It includes thorough oral health assessments, professional dental cleanings, gum health monitoring, personalized oral hygiene education, nutrition and lifestyle guidance, and regular follow-up appointments. By adhering to a periodontal maintenance plan, individuals with gum disease can control its progression, prevent complications, and enjoy healthier gums and teeth. Regular dental visits and proper oral care are essential for managing gum disease and maintaining a beautiful and functional smile.