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While regular brushing and flossing can remove food particles and plaque from teeth’s flat surfaces, they often can’t get into all the crevices in the back teeth. In this situation, dental sealants can be your best option for sealing teeth to prevent cavities and maintain your dental health.

Using tooth sealants is an excellent approach to creating a barrier of defense against the damaging germs that cause tooth decay. Molars contain several tiny grooves on their biting surfaces where germs can conveniently assemble and cause tooth decay. Sealants are a helpful approach to aid in securing your smile.

What is the Purpose of Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are resin coverings that improve the molars’ chewing surfaces. The top outer surface of the back molars is coated with a molar sealant. They aid in preventing tartar, germs, and plaque from accumulating on the tooth. Sealants are an excellent option for children, teenagers, and adults.

At the Dental Services in Seattle, we offer sealants for teeth as a way to combat tooth decay. The dentist will first undergo a teeth inspection to assess whether your child is a fit for this preventative dentistry treatment.

The Benefits:

Suitable for All Ages

Contrary to popular belief, sealants are effective for adults as well as children. Though children are the age group that receives the treatment most often, anyone can benefit from it.

Defend against cavities

In order to prevent cavities, the treatment coat the top of the molars with “tooth-colored” plastic. It is challenging for bacteria to stay on a tooth’s surface due to this added layer of defense.

Minimize Deep Grooves

The deeper depressions and grooves on the surfaces of molars make them more challenging to clean. In these deep spaces, bacteria and food particles can accumulate more easily. These deep grooves will eventually cause a tooth to become somewhat decayed. The treatment guards against the onset of deterioration in such locations.

Long-Term and Cost-Effective Solution

Applying this protects the teeth during the years when they become most susceptible to cavities since they can persist for a very long time with good maintenance. Sealants are far less expensive than dental restorations and offer a long-lasting, painless way to safeguard a child’s teeth.

Process of Applying Sealants:

It’s a quick and convenient process. Our dentist will clean and dry the troubled tooth before applying an acidic gel to your teeth.

For the sealant and your tooth to adhere firmly, this gel roughens up the surface of your tooth. The dentist will rinse off the gel after a brief period and dry your tooth once more before applying the sealant to the grooves of your teeth. The sealant will then be hardened by our dentist using the specialized blue light.

How Long Do Dental Sealants Last?

For up to ten years, this can prevent tooth decay and tooth fissures, but they must be regularly checked by a dentist for wear or chipping. If required, your dentist can replace the dental sealants.

How Much Do Dental Sealants Cost?

The price of a dental sealant varies depending on where you live. Many insurance providers pay for dental sealants, although often only for kids under 18. To find out if the tooth sealants are covered by your plan, consult your dental insurance provider.

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