If you have tooth pain that is not going away, then you should visit a dentist as soon as possible. There could be an underlying dental problem producing the tooth and gum pain as a symptom. Unless this dental issue is resolved, the toothache is unlikely to go away.

However, certain toothache remedies can give you temporary relief until you can see a dentist:

Salt Water Rinse

A salt water rinse is an excellent first-line treatment for many patients. Saltwater is a natural disinfectant that can aid in the loosening of food particles and debris lodged between your teeth. Using salt water to relieve tooth pain can also assist in the reduction of inflammation and the healing of any mouth sores.

To use this method, dissolve 1/2 teaspoon (tsp) of salt in a glass of warm water and gargle with it.

Hydrogen Peroxide Rinse

A hydrogen peroxide rinse may aid in pain and inflammation relief. It can decrease plaque and treat bleeding gums in addition to eliminating bacteria.

When using this method, make sure the hydrogen peroxide is adequately diluted. To do so, make a mouthwash by mixing 3% hydrogen peroxide with equal parts of water. You should only rinse the mouth with the solution and never swallow it.

Anti-inflammatory Medication

Anti-inflammatory medications, such as ibuprofen, can also help to reduce swelling and lower pain signals to the brain.

If you do decide to take ibuprofen, make sure to take it every few hours as directed on the package. If you take the drug once and then stop when you feel better, the pain and inflammation will almost certainly return.

If you don’t have ibuprofen on hand, you can substitute acetaminophen; however, while it will relieve pain, it is not an anti-inflammatory. It is recommended that you take your dentist on call before taking any medication when you cannot have a dental visit on short notice.

Cold Compress or Hot Pack

You can use a cold compress to reduce pain, especially if your tooth pain is the result of a trauma. The blood vessels in the affected area constrict due to the cold temperature. This reduces the severity of the pain as well as the swelling and inflammation. Hold a towel-wrapped bag of ice to the affected area for 20 minutes at a time to apply this method. This can be done every several hours.

Applying a hot pack to the side of your jaw can also help relieve pain. If you don’t already have a heat pack, fill a clean sock with rice and tie one end. The rice-filled sock should then be heated in the microwave for a few minutes. Pain impulses from your mouth to your brain will be disrupted by the heat from the pack.

Clove Oil

Clove oil has been used to treat tooth pain throughout history. It can reduce inflammation and numb oral pain. Eugenol, a natural antiseptic that can disinfect oral wounds, is also present in the oil.

Apply a small amount of the oil to a clean cotton ball and dab it on the affected area to cure a toothache or tooth sensitivity. If the clove oil feels excessively strong, dilute it with a few drops of water or add the carrier oil.

Use Peppermint Tea Bags

Peppermint features mild numbing properties. This makes it beneficial when it comes to relieving toothache. This home remedy can particularly help you if you are dealing with tooth pain at night and don’t have any painkillers available with you.

An effective way to use peppermint tea bags to stop tooth pain fast is to place them in the freezer before applying them. Do not refrigerate them for more than two minutes. If you are not fond of cold compress, you can heat them for a bit before applying them.

Having said that, remember the fact that the use of peppermint tea bags will only provide temporary respite. The pain will eventually come back; therefore, it’s recommended to schedule an appointment with us if you want a permanent solution.

Use Garlic

Garlic has medicinal properties, which makes it highly effective for providing relief from toothache. It can also kill bacteria, which, in turn, can alleviate tooth pain.

There are two ways to use garlic to get rid of toothache. The first one is rather simple. All you have to do is to chew a clove and then spit it after a while. The other method is creating a garlic paste by crushing a clove and applying it to the impacted tooth.

Use an Over-the-counter Numbing Gel

This method is more suitable if the toothache is unbearable and you are looking for a quick solution. When you apply an over-the-counter numbing gel, it numbs the impacted part. Most numbing gels include a topical anesthetic, such as benzocaine or lidocaine.

It is important that you only apply a small amount of the gel directly to the impacted part. Rub it for a couple of minutes. This method will numb the pain for about an hour. Again, it’s not a permanent solution. You should visit your dentist for a proper checkup and treatment.

Dental Services in Seattle

If your tooth and gum pain is persistent, then toothache remedies at home will not work. You must see a dentist for determining the underlying cause of the pain. For dental services in Seattle, call or visit Sue Vetter’s dental clinic.










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