A missing tooth, whether it’s because of tooth decay or face trauma, can pose a lot of problems. However, fortunately, it can be fixed with the help of a dental bridge.

Replacing front teeth with a bridge in case they have broken is the best way to make your smile perfect. Though dental bridges will last for decades, there are still chances that you will get them damaged or cracked.

But you can fix them as well. There are certain ways to fix a broken tooth bridge. Doesn’t matter if you don’t have a clue about it as we are here with a complete guide on how to fix a cracked dental bridge.

Don’t Put Pressure

Though dental bridges may not be harmful in case of damage at the start. However, you still can notice if your dental bridge is loose or has cracks. So you need to adopt some preventive measures. You try to put no pressure on your bridge as soon as you notice a crack in it. It is the first step toward bridge tooth repair.

You need to avoid eating hard and chewy foods, as it will put a strain on your bridge and will worsen the situation. You must opt for soft and juicy foods until you visit your dentist and get your dental bridge fixed.

Contact Your Dentist

Calling dentists will be the next thing that you have to do once you feel there is something wrong with your dental bridges. You can stand in front of a mirror and feel the damage with the help of your fingers and tongue. It will also let you know if the bridge is loose or not.

Never tried to pull or push the bridge when examining it. If your whole bridge or some pieces of it come out, then don’t throw them. They will assist your dentists in dental bridge repairs and let them know the reasons behind breaking and losing these durable bridges.

How Cracked Bridges Can be Fixed?

Fixing the dental bridges by your dentists depends greatly upon the type of damage. The damage to the bridge could be average or extensive. Therefore different techniques will be adopted by your dentists. Let’s have a detailed view of the fixing of loosened and cracked dental bridges.

Minor Damage

Damage will be said to be minor if your bridge has only a single crack or lost a strip from one end. It may also be just loosened due to the pressure you keep putting on them. Dental bridge repair of this type is very easy and quick. Your dentists will first examine the condition of your bridge. If the damage is minor, then the gap or crack will be filled with the dental bonding material. It will make your bridge strong and durable like before.

Extreme Damage

Sometimes the damage to your bridge can be extreme. Extreme damage may be due to several reasons. This extreme damage could be due to the decay of supportive teeth or their displacement from the original location.

Firstly your dental bridge will be examined by your dentist. Then it will be removed if it is not suitably fixed with supportive teeth. If it is only loosened, then dental bridge repair glue will be used to fix it again. Otherwise, the bridge will be replaced with a new one, and affected supportive teeth will also be treated.

You must immediately contact your dentist to go through proper treatments and follow some dental tips to keep your dental bridges healthy.










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