TMJ disorder or teeth grinding may result in a disturbed sleeping pattern. It may also result in jaw tension issues. Generally, dentists recommend mouth guards for TMJ to treat this dental issue.

What is the Purpose of a Mouth Guard?

Protecting your teeth is the purpose of mouth guards. A mouth guard defends your teeth, tongue, gums, and cheeks against trauma from sports-related accidents or teeth grinding. Moreover, mouth guards for snoring can help with snore suppression and obstructive sleep apnea treatment. Several high-quality, durable mouth guards for teeth grinding are available at our clinic.

Our dentists will guide you with the best approach to sustain your dental health following a dental examination.

The Benefits:

Protects Teeth from Damage

The frequent habit of teeth grinding harms your teeth in multiple ways. You may not realize that you grind your teeth at night. Your teeth become weakened and lose enamel as a result of teeth grinding. A night mouth guard proves helpful in protecting your teeth from any of these problems.

Lessens Pain and Tension in the Jaw

A dental night guard helps to ease TMD discomfort and jaw clenching. The dental guard is custom-designed for your teeth. It substantially lessens the strain your jaw joints and muscles experience and relaxes the jaw when sleeping.

Offers Healthy Sleeping Schedules

Bad habits involve gripping and grinding your teeth while you sleep. Since night guards help ease discomfort, they also help develop healthy sleep patterns. Your custom-made sleep guard will exactly fit in your mouth to place the jaw in a stress-relieving position. Then you’ll be able to relax your muscles.

Prevents Snoring

You can inhale an increased amount of air while sleeping when your jaws are kept apart by the dental mouth guard. By providing more air, you can breathe easier and stop snoring.

Cost-Effective Approach

Damage from jaw clenching and teeth grinding is severe. And the harm that both inflict over a prolonged duration is far worse. Therefore, it’s crucial to detect it early or at the initial indications of jaw clenching and teeth grinding. If you can stop it with teeth grinding guard in the early stages, you’ll be able to save a lot of money overall.

The Lifespan of a Dental Mouth Guard

A TMJ night guard should typically last between six months and three years. The three following variables will affect a night guard’s life expectancy:

  •       The extent of clenching and grinding
  •       The nature and quality of your night guard
  •       How tidy and well-maintained your night guard is

Cost of a Dental Mouth Guard

The price of a dental mouth guard depends on the type you choose. Dental health insurance may cover the cost of your personalized mouthguards partially or completely.

Dental Services in Seattle

At Sue Vetter, our team’s excellent approach and assistance ensure that our patients receive the best dental care at our dental services in Seattle. In addition to providing you with the appropriate dental mouth guard to cure your bruxism or TMJ pain, our dentists will also offer tips for sleeping with a mouth guard. As a result, you will be able to handle them more efficiently.

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