A missing tooth may be the result of gum infection, dental decay, trauma, or a genetic issue.

There are multiple missing tooth treatments accessible, irrespective of the primary cause if you’re seeking tooth replacement or want to enhance the overall look of your mouth.

Below are some excellent options for missing teeth to assist you in recovering your attractive smile:

Dental Implants

Among the most popular replacing missing teeth options is dental implants. These are a very secure form of tooth replacement that resembles natural teeth in appearance and feel.

Consider dental implants if you need a permanent solution to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth in different locations. Taking appropriate care of your dental implants could make them last a lifetime.

The process of placing your implants could take some time. The first step in the procedure is to remove the tooth’s root and replace it with metal screws that support the top-mounted false teeth. You must wait a few months for the implant to heal once the screws are put in. The implant will attach to your jawbone at this period. A dental crown covers the implant once it has fully healed.

Fixed Dental Bridge

If a dental implant is not what you desire, find out if you are eligible for a fixed bridge. This cosmetic dental service may be beneficial if you are lacking one or more teeth in the same area, such as missing your front teeth.

A fixed bridge uses an artificial tooth or dental prosthetic to fill the space left by a lost tooth. Dental cement is used to secure the prosthetic to nearby teeth before bonding it there. The cost of a single bridge will vary based on the materials employed and your location. Some insurances may pay for the treatment.

Removable Partial Dentures

If you require replacing all your teeth, your dentist might recommend complete dentures. However, you could be a fit for a removable partial denture if you merely need to replace a few teeth.

This dental device comprises substitute teeth connected to a pink base that looks natural. The teeth suit the color of your natural teeth, and the base resembles the color of your gums. If you need to repair several teeth in one area of your mouth, these dentures could be an ideal solution for you.

Temporary Denture

A temporary denture can fill the gap left by lost teeth. Since it can flip in and out, it is known as a “flipper.” The dentist utilizes this procedure once the tooth is restored with a bridge or an implant after the healing process is complete. These are often less sturdy, less expensive, and less bulky than removable partial dentures. This treatment does not influence the neighboring teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

Insertion of porcelain veneers is yet another alternative for teeth that are just partially missing. Thin porcelain shells called veneers are attached to the front of teeth. Porcelain veneers are custom-made to complement or enhance your current smile.

You might be thinking about whether porcelain veneers last longer than bonded teeth. Yes, with the proper maintenance, porcelain veneers for missing tooth may last years.

Wrap Up

Whether a tooth was lost due to decay, gum infection, or trauma, there are multiple options to replace it. Each choice has advantages and disadvantages; which a dental expert may help you balance based on your unique requirements. Our highly skilled and committed staff at Sue Vetter can point you in the direction of the ideal procedure for replacing your missing tooth. Call us or visit our clinic if you lack a tooth or teeth and want more details regarding teeth treatment in Seattle.










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