Dental Wax

No one knows when you break one of your teeth from the edge and make it difficult for yourself to chew something or even maintain the normal position of your face. The sharp edge of the broken tooth will irritate and damage the soft muscles of your mouth. Not every time you can rush towards dentists to get your tooth fixed. An immediate solution will be required until you get free time and visit your dentist. Applying teeth wax will do the trick for you. Let’s explore everything about teeth wax.

What is Dental Wax?

Wax for teeth is usually made up of paraffin or beeswax. It is somehow similar to other waxes as it will be solid at room temperature. However, when you apply it to your mouth, the warmth of your mouth will soften it. It will cover all the irregular and sharp surfaces in your mouth and provide comfort.

It will play an important role in the protection of soft tissues in your mouth. And the best thing about it is that it’s transparent. It simply means someone will never notice if you have applied dental wax on your teeth or not.

Steps to Apply Wax

Applying wax is pretty simple. However, it never means that you can pick wax anytime and apply it to your teeth. We will guide you on how to apply teeth wax properly. You just need to follow the following basic steps.

  • First of all, you need to brush and floss your teeth. It is an integral part as the wax will cover your teeth and if bacteria were present, they will remain inside the wax covering and carry on their activities. So eliminate them first via brushing and flossing.
  • Take a small piece of wax and turn it into a tiny ball. The temperature of your hands will soften the wax. Make sure that you have cleaned your hands before applying wax.
  • Turn the wax ball into a disc shape and place it in your mouth around the defective area. Put a little pressure on it and it will cover the sharp edges in your mouth.
  • It is common for dental wax to fall off as it may not stick properly. Applying some extra amount of it will do the trick for you.

Now you know how to use dental wax. Make sure to follow all the steps when applying it.

Uses of Dental Wax

Following are some of the most common uses of Dental waxes.

Use for Broken Tooth

You never know when you break any single tooth from the edge creating a sharp edge that will be very irritating for your soft mouth tissues. It may damage them as well. Dental wax for broken teeth will be an excellent quick solution. So, the wax can be used to cover the broken areas of your teeth until you see a dentist.

Use for Braces

Wearing braces will align your teeth and give you a perfect smile. However, the brackets of braces may open anytime or leave the surface of your teeth. In such cases, it will become very hard to beat them. Especially your cheek tissues will get damaged as these are the softest tissues in the mouth. Applying braces wax will be a good option in such cases. It will cover the sharp edges and open brackets of braces and keep your mouth tissues protected.

Final Words

Dental waxes are the immediate solution to many problems related to your teeth and you can easily apply them by yourself as well. However, these are not permanent, therefore make sure to take dental treatment in Seattle as soon as possible.










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