Once there was a time when people stained their teeth black in specific regions of the world. That region was Japan and staining teeth was common there many centuries back. But today, crystal white teeth are the standard of oral health and hygiene. However, keeping them white is not that easy.

You can have black stains on them due to various issues. Tobacco, stained drinks and food, tartar, and some antibiotics if taken at a young age are the primary reasons for teeth turning black. You have to follow a proper teeth care routine to prevent your teeth from turning black. Following are some proven methods to prevent black stains on teeth.

Brushing Your Teeth

No preventive measures related to teeth can be completed without including regular brushing in it. So, you need to brush your teeth twice a day to prevent them from turning black. Using fluoride toothpaste is the best option. Fluoride will make your teeth look whiter by shining the outer layer, enamel. It also helps to improve the overall strength of your teeth.


Just like brushing, flossing too is included in the teeth care routine. Flossing must be done at least once a day. The best advantage of flossing is the removal of plaque and trapped food particles. This will be helpful to prevent cavities, which are responsible for turning your teeth black. You can also use an interdental brush instead of flossing to deep clean your teeth. Both these methods are highly effective to prevent your teeth from black stains. So you can choose any one of them as per your preference.

Avoid Sugar Containing Beverages

Though drinking different juices and drinks are good for your dental health, you must avoid those beverages that contain refined sugar in them. The sugar in these drinks invited the decay-causing bacteria. When these bacteria start working they destroy a tooth from the inside. You will first observe a black dot on tooth and then it will expand and turn the whole tooth dark. Therefore, you need to cut short your sugar intake so you don’t invite decay bacteria by providing them with food.

Improving Your Diet

Your diet is one of the primary things to improve your teeth’ health and strength and prevent them from disorders. You must start taking a calcium-rich diet. It will prevent your teeth from decaying and developing other diseases. Similarly, when you start taking a mineral-rich diet, it will help you to mineralize your teeth. This will provide no space for plaque development that can initiate teeth turning black at the gum line. So, focus on your diet and try to include eggs, milk, meat, fruits, vegetables, and fresh juices to it.

Don’t Let Your Mouth Dry

You must prevent your mouth from being dry for a long time on a regular basis. This will reduce the production of saliva. Saliva and water help to wipe off bacteria from your mouth. So their reduction will support bacteria to turn your teeth black.

Visit a Dentist

Visiting your dentist after regular intervals is mandatory. Dentists will examine your teeth deeply and will notice if any of your teeth have some decay or cavity. In this way, you will be able to control the black stains before they start developing and become prominent.

Final Thoughts

All of the above are preventive measures to prevent your teeth from turning black. If you still develop a black dot or cavity in your teeth, these preventive measures will not be a remedy against it. So, whenever you observe some sort of black color on your teeth visit a dentist in Seattle to remove this black stain.










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