Dental implants, which are made up of titanium posts and a tooth-like restoration, are a common tooth replacement alternative. Because of their numerous advantages, dentists frequently recommend dental implant repair to fix the issue of one or more missing teeth.

If you are considering receiving dental implant restoration, then the following benefits may convince you to go through with the procedure:

  • Since the restoration is performed by placing metal posts inside the jawbone, this method provides a more durable solution for missing teeth. If the patient maintains a healthy dental routine after getting dental implant repair, the implants can last quite a long time — most likely not requiring another replacement in their lifetime
  • As compared to dental bridges and dentures, which are also solutions for replacing multiple missing teeth, dental implants provide better stability. This means it is easier to manage the normal functions of your teeth and gums with them — with no risk of the artificial teeth slipping or loosening
  • During implant restoration, only the gap(s) left behind by the missing tooth/teeth is treated. There is no effect on the neighboring healthy teeth; unlike in the procedure of dental bridges. Therefore, you get a natural-looking replacement for the missing tooth as well as no modification to your existing teeth
  • Once your tooth is missing, the jawbone from that location can start to shrink due to a lack of support. An implant inserted right into the jawbone leads to osseointegration, which is the term used for the bone growing into the implant. Once this process has been completed, the dentist places a dental crown to conclude dental implant restoration. The post inside the bone stimulates it and prevents it from shrinking. This ensures that you can maintain your jawbone structure, which is important for oral health
  • Missing teeth can diminish the appeal of your smile — leading to poor confidence and self-esteem. Dental implants are an effective way of restoring a healthy smile. The process can take two or more dental sessions and you may also need some healing time between the sessions, but the results are worth it. You get an aesthetic and highly durable alternative to your missing teeth

What are the Steps for Dental Implant Restoration Procedure?

Here are the two steps of a dental implant restoration procedure:

  1. The dentist makes an incision in the gums after numbing the region to be treated. Following that, the dentist places titanium implants, also known as posts, deep into the patient’s jaw. The dentist next stitches up the incisions and stops the bleeding. During the next few months, the gums will heal and the posts will link to the jawbone
  2. After sufficient bone development, the patient returns to the dentist’s clinic for the next stage of dental implant restoration. The dentist uses local anaesthesia to make the patient more comfortable. A second cut into the gums is made by the dentist, who then attaches a small component called an abutment to the implant. The dentist closes the incision surrounding the abutment. The dentist next places a natural-looking artificial tooth or dental crown on the abutment

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